[Guide] How to introduce yourself!
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21 Jul 2020
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15 Sep 2020

Hello and welcome to the EmeraldMC forum/ Community! We are glad that you decided to become a part of our family!.
This sub-forum is dedicated to people who are new to our community or people who have yet to introduce themselves. The purpose of this thread is to give you some tips on how to make an introduction so we can get to know you better!.

Tips on how to introduce yourself.
  • State your name, Say any nicknames you have or what you would like to be called.​
  • Use correct grammar and punctuation, It makes a good impression.​
  • Be Unique! By this I mean make it your own style, these tips I'm giving you are just guidelines.​
  • Say what your favorite Minigame is.​
  • Tell us what music you like.​
  • Tell us what your favorite color is.​
  • Tell us 5 (Or more) interesting facts about yourself.​
  • Be yourself.
  • View other players' introductions before you make yours and see how other people made their introduction and then decide how you want to make yours.​
  • Tell us what makes you unique.​
  • Say your favorite quote.​
  • Crack a joke (Appropriate ones, however).​
  • Tell us if you have any talents.​
  • Do you have any hobbies? You could share them.​
  • Favorite movie?​
  • Favorite Television show?​
  • Favorite book?​
  • What's your biggest pet peeve?​
What you should not do when introducing yourself.
  • Advertise your YouTube channel (There is a section of the forums already dedicated to that, However you are to post Hypixel related videos only).
  • Anything that breaks the general server rules.
  • Never include personal information.
Why should you make an introduction?

You should make an introduction because well, We would like to get to know you! It also gives you an opportunity to make new friends and meet new people. Furthermore, By making an introduction thread it is a good way to learn and understand how to make a thread.

I hope this thread has helped you figure out what you might want to include in your introduction!.


SkippoAPS · 7 months ago