Staff Application Example!
Started by SkippoAPS



Media Manager
21 Jul 2020

Minecraft Name: SkippoAPS
Discord Tag  : SkippoAPS#1436
Timezone: BST
Age: 17
Do you own a microphone: Yes

Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, please include details.
I have been banned on hypixel once when I got Minecraft I was in a group of friends and they were all hacking and making it seem 'cool' and I wanted to join in so when I joined i was ban for 30 days I do admit to hacking and I regretted it deeply after this

I was also banned on a Minecraft survival server once for x-ray however after proving my innocence I was unbanned they were suspicious since i was mining in a biome where there was a lot of diamonds (They had some custome plugin that allowed more ores in certain biomes) 

Have you ever had any staff experience? If so please explain below. If Not Please explain why not [Min 50 Words]

MunchyMC - I am Helper on munchymc and have been for 3 months with this experience it has helped me to create better judgment as I moderate the chat as some things can be miss seen or not taken the way it was put in with this, of course, I had made some mistakes and managed to learn from these for the better good the server has an average of 100 players and has really helped me out

(Add More than one experience as this is an example ill only be putting that one)

Why should we pick you to be staff? [Min 50 Words]

I am very experienced and have had the experience from roles such as Helper and Moderator where I worked with chat and catching hackers I have also worked with being a Manager where I offered staff training and worked with staff applications this was a good experience I also once was a configuration developer where I helped configure all the servers plugins

( I suggest adding characteristics you have and explain how they can be useful as a Mod)


Do you have any, what hobbies or activities you are involved in outside of Minecraft?

(This is more for you to decide yourself i suggest putting hobbies and explain in detail about it)

Anything Else We Should Know?

SkippoAPS · 3 months ago