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Greedly's Builder Application

(i hope this is the right place to post this but okay)

Minecraft Name: Greedly
Discord Tag (E.g Greedly#8122) :
Age: 15 yo
Gender: male
Do you own a microphone: yes

Portfolio Link/Images of your work attached: reasantly ive been in a skill test thing and my score that i got is a 2 and 1 is like the best https://imgur.com/gallery/1tyZAan

Please tell us more about your FAVOURITE and PROUDEST build: i gues its the skill test and also my wool wars map https://www.munchymc.com/forums/t/woolwars-map-greedly/38842 .But i also like this mountail i build: https://imgur.com/yFWomR5

How experienced are you with World Edit, Voxel, and other building plugins?: I think i have like 3 years of experience with world edit and after a long time i started using voxelsniper and now i began using brush and go paint.

Describe your build specialty and weaknesses (detailing, terraforming, structures, etc.): im still working on my organics and structures but i think im pretty good with the rest of like builds.

What is your history of the building? Which build teams and/or servers have you worked for in the past?: Well i helped out realy small servers that didnt go well, but i think i just build a lot just for my self.

Anything else we should know? Well im realy exited to join this community and also i hope my grammer is right...


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