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7 months ago
Tropicaaaals Staff App

+0.5 LollyPopGrapes is right. We need more detail in the questions and to atleast fill the 50 word minimum requirement. 

7 months ago
MrBobblyBooks' Staff Application

+1 Very Good Application. Very well thought and processed. Good Luck on getting the job and I hope you reach your goal on music production! 

7 months ago
AshPhoenix Staff App

+1. Iike the application I can see thought was put into it. If you could discuss what you did as a head mod on the server that might boost your chances. In other words good luck!

7 months ago
Staff - Crazy_RM

+0 You Lack Detail to your application. I would reccomend adding more detail in the questions: Have you ever had any staff experience? If so please explain below. If Not Please explain why not [Min 50 Words] & Why should we pick you to be staff? [Min 50 Words].  Maybe what you did as a manager/admin and more detail on why we should choose you to be a part of our team.

7 months ago
Hobosexual's Staff Application

+1 Good Application I like the detail. You sound experienced and well adapted to the mod ways. Good Luck!


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