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7 months ago
Tropicaaaals Staff App

+0.5 | You haven't finished the 50 word minimum for staff experience. Even if you haven't had staff experience on any Minecraft servers, we still want you to finish the application as expected. Fivem isn't Minecraft, but it should count as experience as long as the basics are similar; which is why it would be best for you to describe what you did during your time as staff of Fivem so we know what you are experienced at, otherwise many will disregard fivem as not being any type of experience. But, it is nice to see that you will be dedicated to the server if you get in.

7 months ago
MrBobblyBooks' Staff Application

+1 | This application is great. It's good to see that you have years of experience and know what you're doing. It's also amazing that you stream, it will be a good advertisement for the server if you do. There's not much else to say, so good luck!

7 months ago
AshPhoenix Staff App

+1 | Great Application. It's nice to see that you will be online often and have lots of experience with watching over the player-base. I agree with Kianna that this would be better that you tell what you did as a head-mod; I also think it would be better to say how long you were staff for. But, this was a good application and so good luck!

7 months ago
Staff - Crazy_RM

-1  | It didn't seem like you put much effort or detail into this application. You haven't reached the 50-word minimum in any of the questions, and if you were a manager or an admin before, as you stated; you would have known about if an application is good or not since one of their jobs in most servers is recruitment. So in my eyes, there might be some lies in this application.

9 months ago
My Introduction

Hello, my name is Shanick but many people call me Lolly, as my username in almost every account I own begins with those 5 letters. I don't know what else to say so I'm just going to ramble a bit. Let's see... I have a pet fish named Crackers; love most books that contain dragons; dark purple is my favorite color, and I build random sculptures out of wood for a hobby. Nice to meet you whoever is reading this, but you will probably never hear my voice if we talk


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