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8 months ago
Tropicaaaals Staff App

+0.5 I agree with LollyPopGrapes there should be a little bit more background of your staff experience as well as put as much detail as needed because little things matter. 

8 months ago
MrBobblyBooks' Staff Application

+1 I really enjoyed reading your staff application is well done with lots of detail and background info, it shows you have put time into it and overall seems very professionally done. I love what you have done with the text by changing it and it definitely makes you stand out as it's a way of showing that you are good at what you do, I wish you the best of luck with it.

8 months ago
AshPhoenix Staff App

+1 Your application is very well done and it shows you put time and effort into it I enjoyed reading it. In my opinion you should give some background of your staff experience and give names of the servers. Overall great application and I wish you the best of luck.

8 months ago
Staff - Crazy_RM

-1 It doesn't seem you put any effort into your application and it's lacking detail. It seems immature and incomplete, when you say tons it seems a bit exaggerated and if you have worked as a staff member before you should say on what servers and what staff you were.

8 months ago
My Mod ( or helper ) application!

+0.5 I like your application, however, it shows you didn't put that much effort into making it and  I think that you should give a little bit more detail about the servers you have been staff on and specify why you were banned on a server.

Best of luck.


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