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3 months ago
Tropicaaaals Staff App

It's a good app, but I'd put more detail about your personality etc, might boost your chances at getting picked, or even points from staff

3 months ago
AshPhoenix Staff App

There's a bit more detail about my position as head mod, thx for the advice!

3 months ago
AshPhoenix Staff App

Minecraft Name: Mineworld6214
Discord Tag (E.g SkippoAPS#1436) : AshPhoenix#3734
Timezone: GMT
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Do you own a microphone: Yes, only use if necessary

Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, please include details.

Have you ever had any staff experience? If so please explain below. If Not Please explain why not [Min 50 Words]

Yes, I was the head mod on a server that was taken down a week ago, that server had at least 5 members online at once and I miss it now therefor here i am looking for something else to help people on. As head mod I did a bit of building of the skyblock area and I spent a lot of my time watching the survival server and preventing xrayers etc, I was head mod for 4 months. I am also staff on a discord server with 1100 members 

Why should we pick you to be staff? [Min 50 Words]

Im kind, patient, helpful. Im online often and I have lots of experience. I love playing minecraft and I know lots about building, redstone, command blocks, and i know LOADS about coding plugins. I am a very friendly person that just wants to continue helping people and prevents those who have a desire to cause pain in others or who take pleasure in breaking rules.

Do you have any, what hobbies or activities you are involved in outside of Minecraft? 

Baking; Walks; School; Coding; and Moderating Discord

Anything Else We Should Know?


No, thats me, and I'd love to help and keep your community happy!


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