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7 months ago
AshPhoenix Staff App

+1 i think your application was good, you could have tried adding a bit more, like Kianna said, about previous experience ect. But over all, i think you did good, so best of luck to you!

7 months ago
MrBobblyBooks' Staff Application

+1 your application was great, with detailed answers that didnt seem rushed, but instead well thought out. You have lot of experience on multiple staff positions and know what youre doing, and seem mature enough. So best of luck to you! Dont really think you need that tho.

7 months ago
Staff - Crazy_RM

-1 the application lacked detail on multiple answers like Kianna said, reading the app thru few times making sure you think its good and has enough information is something to try, as short answers that seem rushed dont generally look good on an application. 

7 months ago
My Mod ( or helper ) application!

-1 you lacked alot of detail that could be useful to know and it didnt seem you put much effort in some of your answers, like ban reasons or previous staff experiences.

I suggest trying to add more detail in future applications.  Still, good luck! :)

7 months ago
KiannaKrystal's Staff Application

+0 Tricky one, you seem to have experience, but your applicaton lacked some detail that could be useful, also (if i misunderstood please correct me) dont you think that a ban after a chat violation can be little harsh? Of course depending on sevirity of the violation, still a lot of broken chat rules can be solved with just a mute. 


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